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Terms of service

Client Requirements

To place orders at SCARPAROSSA.COM Clients must:

- Be an individual as defined as a “Final Customer”

- Be 18 years or older.

- Be eligible and competent to enter legally binding contracts.

- Have a valid POP e-mail address.

- Have a valid Credit Card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard or a Verified Paypal Account.

Declaration of Responibility

CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. publishes information on its web site SCARPAROSSA.COM to provide a service to Users, but declines every responsibility of the possibility of eventual technical inaccuracy and/or typographical errors. Once brought to attention, CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. will execute immediate correction.

CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the web site when necessary without giving prior notice.

CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. does not offer any guaranty that the information published on its own web site, is in conformity with the laws of the User’s competent jurisdiction.

CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. web site SCARPAROSSA.COM is a protected site according to international Internet standards which, if used correctly, Users can be reassured not to encounter viruses. However, CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. declines any responsibility from eventual problems, damages, viruses or risks that the User may incur during the misuse of the web site and declines any responsibility from eventual faulty operations of the web site due to the deactivation of “cookies” in the User's browser.

Users must accept the terms and conditions of this legal notice, and must be sure to visit these pages periodically for updates, changes and corrections.

CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. reserves the right to modify the terms and the conditions contained in this legal note when it is necessary without giving prior notice.

German Law

The SCARPAROSSA.COM web site, in adhering to German law and in particular to the Court of Passau, states:

“Entering this web site the User and CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. agree that the laws and the regulations of the German State will enforce any questions pertinent to the use of the web site. The User and CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K also agree to submit exclusively to the competent Court of Passau for the questions above. CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K does not guarantee in any way that material present on the web site can be appropriate or of possible use in other countries, and the access to those materials from places where the relative contents are illegal is expressly prohibited. Users who choose to enter this site from said locations, do so at their own risk, and are solely responsible to respect relative local laws.”


CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K., with its legal headquarters in Indlinger Str. 7, 94060 Pocking, Germany – provider of the services and activities available in the web site SCARPAROSSA.COM, may use the personal data, voluntarily provided by the User, as per the German Law.

Users are invited to visit this page periodically, for information according to updated laws and regulations.

CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. specifies that, while the use of personal data is necessary to execute the required services, Users are assured that the use of such data will not be used for profiling research, but solely to facilitate site management and the execution of orders.

Personal data, voluntarily provided by the User, will not be communicated nor sold to a third party.

The use of personal data by CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K. inside this web site will be executed with paper and electronic supports, according to the safety laws in force, for purposes which will be specified each time.

Users can reserve the right to request the following information from CitySchuh & Klappenberger e.K.:

* the confirmation of the existence of personal data relative to the User

* the clear communication of the data together with their source

* the motives and the finality of their use

The request for the above information can be renewed with an interval of ninety days, except for the existence of justified motivations; the cancellation, the modification in anonymous format of all of the data in case of violation of laws, together with the data which is not used for the aims for which they were collected.