Mauro Teci

Since 1945 the company Mauro Teci produces high quality shoes for women. Extraordinary design and the great fit made the company famous for their products. In the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by the cities Firenze, Sienna and Arezzo, the small factory produces excellent, handcrafted shoes for elegant women. The art of and techniques of manufactoring shoes are still inspired by the time of 1945 and are influenced by the new production methods. So all styles are a misture of handcraft and innovation. The true MADE IN ITALY, from the design till production, is the main focus of Mauro Teci. Passion and love to real Italy can be identified in every pair of Mauro Teci. A huge selection of fine shoes by Mauro Teci can be found on Exklusive models Handmade in Italy - LUXURY ONLINE SHOPPING.


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