Mania shoes are incomparable trendy and comfortable at the same time. Mania is characterized by elegance in designs, combined with a splash of sportiness. Mania shoes are loyal companion for the whole year and fit to jeans as well as to a suit or a skirt. The great fit and the extremly flexible PROCAR rubber sole make the Mania shoe perfect for every occasion.

Mania shoes- Handmade in Italy with perfection

Mania shoes are 100% made in Italy. Every single Swarovski rhinestone is fixed by hand with great attention to detail. Only the best materials are processed for the Mania shoes. Above all the unbelievable fit is especially appreciated by women in the whole world. The comfortable shoes are timeless and elegant. Best workmanship and lots of steps in processing make the Mania shoes to exclusive pieces of jewelry, which ensure high wearing comfort. A lot of timeless and extravagant models are offered to you at +49 (0) 8531 135 59 60.



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